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Why the Scale is Truly Unbalanced!

Why the Scale is Truly Unbalanced?! I was the worst culprit of them all and it has taken me over 4 YEARS to finally realize that the scale, is, and perhaps always will be, truly unbalanced. Most of us have been there, the morning routine which is hallmarked by the immediate step on the scale. It is beyond astonishing as to how those few quick seconds followed by the blink of a number, can somehow, have the power to dictate the other ~86,400 seconds of the day.  As a born and bred competitor, who thrives off quantitative progress, I lived by the scale, I needed the scale, and more importantly, I let the scale grip me. That number had the...

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What is a "Macro?!" and Welcome to the Myogin Family!

What is a “Macro” and Welcome to the Myogin Family!!! What is a “Macro?” As the health revolution continues to gain momentum, the word “macro” is becoming a widely-used term. What is a “macro” you might ask!? A “macro” is short for “macronutrient” which refers to: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats.  In fact, the foods that we eat are composed of one or more of these macronutrients along with other vitamins and minerals. It is important to know what “macros” your foods contain as they play a critical role in achieving your personalized health and wellness goals. This is also where label reading becomes a fundamental skill if you have not already acquired it. Here is a very quick breakdown on...

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