What is a "Macro?!" and Welcome to the Myogin Family!

What is a “Macro” and Welcome to the Myogin Family!!!

What is a “Macro?”

As the health revolution continues to gain momentum, the word “macro” is becoming a widely-used term. What is a “macro” you might ask!? A “macro” is short for “macronutrient” which refers to: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats.  In fact, the foods that we eat are composed of one or more of these macronutrients along with other vitamins and minerals. It is important to know what “macros” your foods contain as they play a critical role in achieving your personalized health and wellness goals. This is also where label reading becomes a fundamental skill if you have not already acquired it. Here is a very quick breakdown on each of the “macros:”

1. Carbohydrates- used as a major fuel source for the body (if NOT on a Ketogenic Diet). This macro can end in “-ose” (e.g. glucose, lactose, sucrose, dextrose) and is divided into three major types:

    Simple Carbohydrates-hello “sugar rush” (and crash)!!! This type of carb will result in a quick elevation of blood glucose. While there will be a surge in energy, it is then often coupled with a quick energy drop.

    Complex Carbohydrates-slower and sustained!!! This type of carb will provide energy longer than a “simple” carb and although will elevate blood glucose, it will not do so as rapidly; therefore, the impact of the energy “crash” will not be as large.

    Fiber-Important for digestive health!!! There are several types and it is critical to note that all fiber is NOT created equal. Do not get caught up in the “net carb” web!!! Stay tuned for more information on this specific topic!

    Sugar Alcohols-this is more complicated than people realize!!! As with fiber, NOT all sugar alcohols are created equal. Stay tuned for a post exclusive to this topic!


    2. Proteins: Used for a variety of critical biological processes and functions including but not limited to: muscle building, immune, structure, nutrient storage and transportation, enzymes as well as hormones. Proteins are composed of amino acids, which, alone can further regulate such biological processes (1).

    3. Fats: are CRITICAL components for cell membranes, precursors to hormones, and, if one is on a Ketogenic Diet, they are oxidized and used as the body’s primary fuel source instead of glucose. DO NOT FEAR THE FAT!!! It is essential for normal physiological processes (1) !!!


      What is “Macro-friendly?”

      While there is no set definition for the term, “macro-friendly”, from my humble perspective, this simply means that the particular food is composed of specific macro-nutrients that help you meet YOUR own goals. Typically, the Standard American Diet is full of foods that are packed with refined sugars, exorbitant amounts of Calories (more than what is needed to achieve goals), as well as other chemicals, dyes, toxins, etc. Therefore, generally speaking, “macro-friendly” refers to foods that are just as scrumptious and satiating, yet they do NOT contain the harmful affects as those found in the Standard American Diet.

      Because my eRecipes can all be tailored to meet your own specific goals AND are “macro-friendly,” On a blog post to follow, I will most certainly teach you how to calculate the macros and Calories of my eRecipe(s) based on the specific ingredients that you have chosen to use. Check out how to tailor my eRecipes to your specific dietary needs and goals here: https://macrosbymyogin.com/pages/why-macros-matter

      Setting yourself up for success...!

      With the absurd amount of “diets” that are currently advertised, it seems as if the “best” diet changes weekly, not to mention the new ones that continue to pop up!!! This may not only prompt confusion, but it can lead to an incredible amount of frustration. That is why first, and foremost, you must enter this journey with the perspective that no nutrition plan should be labeled as a “diet” but rather, it is a “lifestyle” where you eat according to YOUR own, individualized, goals!

      I have always said that “yo-yo’s” are for entertainment ONLY and should not be used to describe your eating trends. Regardless of the lifestyle that you choose, it needs to be tailored to YOUR routine so that it is functional AND sustainable. For example: while two individuals may both be following a Ketogenic lifestyle, their specific foods as well as the eating times may vary among them, and THAT IS OK!

      While media may label a specific diet as the “best,” “cure all,” or “quick-fix,” you must understand that it may not be the “best” for YOUR body and YOUR goals. This is an investment, for the long-term, and not something that will be achieved overnight; however, the return will be far beyond your expectations! Important!!!! No two individuals have the exact same physiological composition let alone goals, so cookie cutters need to be reserved as a baking tool and NEVER a meal plan.  

      Next, define what your goals are and write it down. Remember, all goals do not have to be fat-loss focused. Depending on where you are with your health and wellness journey, declaring a single goal of decreasing and/or removing all added/refined sugars can result in great strides for improving your health and wellness. Do you have a sweet tooth?! No worries, these are where my no sugar added eRecipes are extremely helpful. Shop the “Sweets” collection here:


      Be a “goal-getter”...

      It is also important to remember that your goals will continue to change as you do and that is a good thing! Remember the body is highly adaptable and you are not locked into a specific lifestyle forever! Additional examples of health and wellness goals can include, but are not limited to: building muscle, healing your gut, or gaining strength in the gym. Stay tuned for more content on these topics!!!

      Join me on my mission...!!!

      On a personal note, it is my goal here with this site and eRecipes to provide you with the tools, insight, and knowledge to make informed decisions on how to optimize your health and wellness goals through eating healthy, delicious, foods and NOT pre-packaged, small portioned, “fake” foods, and “cleanses.” I will share with you my struggles, life lessons, and wisdom from years of triumphs, and plenty of tribulations, in addition to content that is scientifically supported though my formal education (Ph.D. in Regulatory Biology). The secret is out, the key to THRIVE is to NOT deprive!!! Get ready for some UNIQUE content and of course, more UNIQUE recipes!!!

      There will be bumps, blocks, and stumbles-embrace them, learn from them, and use them to propel yourself forward!!! One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that you always need to be kind to yourself and every step in this journey will have a distinct purpose. Your progress is more than a number on the scale, and even if you do not see a physical change, the simple act of taking steps toward achieving the goal (such as showing up at the gym) already means that you are better than the person you were even a few short hours ago!!!! You WILL succeed!! Fall in love with the process and beautiful things are bound to happen!!

      Please accept this as my sincerest welcome and I hope that you continue to join me on my own health and wellness journey while fulfilling my mission to help you live your life to the fittest and the fullest!!!





      1. Smith, J. G. Principles of General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2015.

      Disclaimer-I am not a medical doctor, nutritional, dietary, or fitness professional, nor do I possess any licensing or certifications to accompany such professions. This information is also not intended to serve or replace professional medical, nutritional, dietary, health, wellness, or fitness guidance in any capacity. In addition, the content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, any medical-related or health condition.  Macros by Myogin™ and Myogin, LLC. are released from all liability associated with the reader’s interpretation and use of such information.

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