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Enterprise vision: to do a world-renowned brands of composite boutique

 Corporate mission: to serve customers Contribution to the core values of society: people-oriented Germany as the key link

Entrepreneurial spirit: hard work, discipline, realistic and innovative

Enterprise style: serious and efficient and pragmatic Companies pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture, hired well-known domestic experts to carry out the enterprise culture management consulting, executive training and other series of activities, formed its own characteristics of the corporate culture system.

The company attaches great importance to the training of various types of personnel, and continuously through various training, to participate in related exhibitions to broaden their horizons, and strive for the company's sustainable development training reserve talents, and through the award of excellent, overseas study inspire staff enthusiasm and creativity, At the same time, the company actively carry out health and sports activities, theme tourism, photography and reading activities, corporate cohesion, creativity and execution continue to increase.

Company organization 4N performance training

The company organized to "militarization, school, family" as the core of the trip of the three training activities

The company organizes social activities.

The company started the enterprise culture construction management project.

Company members to visit members of the Li Dazhao Memorial Exhibition.