About Ashley

Dr. Ashley E. Holly holds a B.A. in Microbiology from Miami University and a Ph.D. in Regulatory Biology from Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute. During her graduate work in the Department of Molecular Cardiology, Dr. Holly investigated the molecular mechanisms and signal transduction pathways for the activation of cell adhesion molecules called integrins. Her comprehensive training includes structural, biochemical, and cellular biology techniques with a research focus in Vascular Biology.  As a Gold-Level figure skater and competitive physique athlete, Dr. Holly fused her passion for science with health, fitness, and nutrition, and as such, her research portfolio has expanded to include these realms, especially through her scientific consulting company, "Myogin, LLC." Dr. Holly's thirst for knowledge and desire for continuous growth both personally and professionally has resulted in her current pursuit of an M.B.A. degree while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.