Why Macros by Myogin™?

I am here to help you live your life to the fittest and the fullest!

WHY are these recipes beneficial? They can all be continuously customized to meet your individual goals-YOU choose the specific ingredient brands to meet your macro and dietary needs:

  • Gluten-free?! Select gluten-free versions of the ingredients
  • Dairy-free? Select dairy-free versions of the ingredients
  • Sugar-free?! Select sugar-free versions of ingredients
  • Lower Calorie?! Select reduced fat or fat-free versions of ingredients
  • Lower Carb?! Select lower carb versions of ingredients
  • Higher fat?! Select full-fat versions of ingredients  

Don't worry, zero culinary experience needed to make these recipes!!! Each eRecipe comes with an ingredients list and detailed instructions!

Questions about a specific recipe's ingredients? Please do NOT hesitate to contact me at: macrosbymyogin@gmail.com


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 Looking for specific content? Please email your questions to: macrosbymyogin@gmail.com